Kaya Oakes, America magazine

“Chris Stedman, who has spent years thinking and writing about online life and its impact on our ideas of self and interpersonal relationships, is the perfect guide to unpacking what identity means in the digital age . . . Stedman’s humorous, thoughtful guide to how we can rehumanize the online world is needed [now] more than ever.”

The Los Angeles Review of Books

“In IRL, Stedman makes a compelling argument for embracing our uncertainty about using the internet as a tool to better understand our online and offline lives . . . A balm of thoughtfulness for the digital age.”

Lambda Literary

“Jam-packed with metaphors and beautifully described vignettes . . . Stedman reminds us throughout IRL that these digital lives, though different, aren’t any less real than our offline ones so they must be managed with care.”

Cameron Scheetz, AV Club

“Essential. Even without the pandemic, IRL would be a vital read, a thoughtful examination of our perpetually ‘logged on’ existence. . . Eye-opening and affirming, IRL should be required reading before the next time you hit send on a tweet.”

The Believer Magazine

“In Stedman’s latest work, the author turns his thoughtful yet thorough gaze upon the Internet as a means of constructing purpose and identity. A hybrid of memoir, criticism, and reportage. . .all held together by Stedman’s moments of bracing honesty. . .Vital.”