Presbyterian Outlook

“This book is for anyone concerned about the long-term impacts of social media use on community degradation, those who are on the fence about the formation of online communities, as well as those once burned by social media . . . Readers eager to dig into practical philosophy or who have had some of their most genuine and long-lasting connections formed online will respond most strongly to this book. It is best suited for a curious individual seeking to make the most of their internet and digital communities, particularly while coming of age.”

Dave Wheeler Shelf Awareness

“It takes curiosity, tenacity and a certain off-the-wall sense of humor to engage meaningfully in these online spaces, so there is no better guide for readers than Stedman, who is a viral Twitter personality, professor of religion and philosophy, and creator of the critically acclaimed podcast Unread . . .┬áStedman brings hope, compassion and understanding to the human side of the Internet, along with a wealth of research, including studies performed by social scientists, and analysis from prominent cultural critics focused on the field . . . For readers wondering how to balance life online and off, IRL provides amiable and invaluable insight.”